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Why do we recommend buying a new building

In view of our greatest experience in the local market, we have experienced many situations with used houses, such as: unregistered extensions that they were not properly legalized at the time, serious structural problems that are only technically visible, electrical connections, pools leaking, fake housing certificates, poorly engineered electrical circuits, water leakage under the house, moisture and humidity underground, certain parts of the tax called "plusvalia" that punished a difference in the value of the property, the IRS normally settles this after a few years so you can receive an account of up to 50 000 euros or more without knowing, even if any second-hand asset is sold under valuation, the IRS will also penalize with 7% of the transfer tax purchase.


On the other hand, the acquisition of a new building site is a fair process, the quality and construction processes have improved considerably over time, and at the moment, builders have many legal and public requirements to cover and comply with, and most of them have a bank guarantee too, you can also customize The house before it is being built and the payments are divorced on time so that is not a big expense suddenly, the banks also provide better mortgage rates for newbuildings and the builders provide at least 10-20 years of guarantee after the house is built.


Also the builder price for the property will be the same whether you purchase directly from the builder or through us, the only difference is that with us we will give you money or extras included and we will help you throughout all the process.


Visit Tours

If you are serious about buying a property in the Costa Blanca / Costa Calida regions, we will help you experience our tour.


Our tours include two or three nights in a luxury hotel, all transfers, breakfast, local areas and a real estate display of your favorite properties.


Our luxury trips are designed to provide a stress-free stay.


We will cover the cost if a property is purchased through us.


To book your trip, please send us an email,


We look forward to helping you find your perfect luxury modern property !


About Spain ...

About Spain ...

Spain is famous for the vast amount of tourists coming to this country, especially in the summer.


But Spain does not only mean sea and beaches. More and more people are going to enjoy healthy tourism that has been on top lately.


In Spain there are forty natural areas that have been declared by UNESCO as areas with special protection of the Biosphere. They are scattered all over the peninsula. Eight of them are in Andalucía, six are in Castilla y Leon. They make wonderful landscapes to enjoy healthy tourism.


In the same way, rural tourism is currently rising due to weekend trips that increase month to month in Spain as well as internationally. More and more Spanish people decide to escape from noisy cities and enjoy a high quality, high-quality tourism in such unique places as Picos de Europa, which is one of our national treasures.


Due to these 40 areas of special protection, Spain has become the second country in the world with most places declared UNESCO as World Heritage. It is only surpassed by Italy.


About Costa Blanca…

The Costa Blanca is located along the Mediterranean coast, which corresponds to the province of Alicante. It is a good example of the well-known Mediterranean landscape.


A traveler can choose any corner of this coast from the busiest and most cosmopolitan to those who, near the coast, still maintain their rural characteristics. Either way, it is worth visiting the neighboring regions that at all give a good example of what the real Mediterranean landscape is. From the valleys with its terraced orchards still retaining the memory of its Moorish past, to the palms. The Costa Blanca horizons reunite very different attractions. The climate is also variable. In general, mean annual temperatures are quite slippery, just over 17ºC, with a little rain. In the mountains of the northern sector, the amount of rain is logically higher than for the lower countries around Elche and Orihuela. Almond gardens, vineyards, fruit orchards and wonderful palm groves are part of the unique European vegetation.



Property in Orihuela Costa South has become very popular in recent years with many nationality buyers, there are many new urbanisations located just minutes from the coast where there are many beautiful white sandy beaches, including La Zenia, Cabo Roig, Playa Flamenca and Campoamor. All of these beaches have been awarded the European Blue Flag, which means high standards of water purification, safety and good family facilities.


Flight access is excellent with two main airports in the immediate vicinity, Alicante airport is 45 min drive away and Murcia airport is around 30 min. Property in this area is very popular with golfers, as it boasts four main championship golf courses.


Ecoturism ...

Try to explore the Spanish natural areas in a unique and exceptional way. In particular, we offer you the opportunity to discover some places mentioned in the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism (CETS) protected by the European Commission.


We talk about nature areas where you can find different companies that develop tourism activities related to environmental protection.


You will enjoy some of the most precious natural areas in Europe with the most beautiful scenery (among them the National Parks and the Biosphere Special Protection Areas). You will benefit from the trip and maintain the ecological and natural treasures in each area at the same time.


Check out the offers and services available in each area (tourist center, hiking trails, guided visits, accommodation etc.) and prepare to enjoy nature as never before.



Are you traveling with children? There are amusement parks full of adventure for them. Do you love music? In the summer plan you will find all classes of international festivals. Do you love nature Spain is the third country in the world with most areas declared by UNESCO as the Biosphere Special Protection Zones. Do you prefer nightlife? There are macro discos where you can dance to dawn.

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