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We will keep your hand throughout the process and provide guidance when necessary.


When you buy a new home in Spain, you will receive fees and legal fees to pay:


10% IVA (TAX)

2% postage stamp

1 - 1.5% Notary & Land Registry Fees

1% Legal fees (these vary and may be less dependent on lawyer and what services you need)

So in total you should budget about 14-15% at the top of the house price



When you buy a new property, you will be required to make a deposit before completion.


First deposit - € 3000 - € 6,000 reservation deposit that will remove the property from the market

Other deposit - 30% deposit is usually paid 30 days after the reservation

3. Deposits - 20% deposit is usually paid before the closing date


Balance to be paid on completion date.


All properties we sell have deposits guarantee that they vary from developer to developer.


We always recommend you to seek guidance from an independent lawyer.



When we buy a property, we will always recommend independent legal representation. There are a number of local lawyers that we can contact you, who speak many languages, including Scandinavian languages.


If you do not want to continue to fly back to Spain during the purchase process, we recommend that you give your lawyer a power of attorney. With POA, the lawyer can get your NIE number, open a bank account and also set up your tools. The lawyer will only act after they have written your approval.


NIE - When you buy a property in Spain you will require a National Insurance Number (NIE) number. Often the lawyer can get your NIE number for you (if you have given POA).


There are occasions that you may have to go to person, if it were to be ourselves or your lawyer who would follow you.


Once registered, your lawyer can collect your NIE certificate on your behalf.

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